Fair Hearing
Smart Search Tool

The Lanterman Fair Hearing Smart Search Tool is an interactive search engine designed to help searchers find and download fair hearing decisions published by the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) pursuant to the Lanterman Act. This tool contains all of the cases published by OAH on the California Department of General Services website. To the best of our knowledge, it includes all cases from January 1, 2012, to April 24, 2024, for a total of 2,191 cases.

This tool includes the following functions:

1. A free-text search bar, allowing users to search for any combination of words or phrases that appeared in the decision.
2. Up to four different filters to narrow the list of cases searched by regional center, year, judge and/or claimant.
3. Links to the published decisions files in PDF format.

The first two functions can be used on their own or jointly. If you would like to find all decisions that include a particular word or phrase, simply type that word or phrase into the free-text search bar and hit “Enter/Return” to see the results (sorted by relevance). You can also enter the case number (also called the “OAH” number) into the free-text search bar to search for a case by case number. If you would like to narrow your search to a particular regional center, year, judge and/or claimant, you can do so using the pull-down menus at the top of the screen.

The search results include short previews of the corresponding cases. Each preview includes the case number, regional center, date, judge, claimant name, opening text of the decision, and a link to the PDF. To download the PDF, simply click the button "Link to PDF."

To search for a keyword in the text of a fair hearing decision, first access that decision by clicking “Link to PDF.” After you have opened the PDF, press “Ctrl + F” if you are using Windows on a PC (or “Cmd + F” if you are using a Mac) and type the keyword in the search bar. You can then use the up and down “carrots” ( and ) next to the search bar – located in the upper right corner of your screen - to find each place where the keyword appears.
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